Keep Your Paediatric Dental Costs Down, by Finding a No Gap Dentist in Runcorn that Accepts Bupa, Medibank, and Other Private Health Funds

Keeping up with your child’s dental check-ups and cleanings is important. Frequent visits to the dentist to remove plaque and food debris and check dental development help instil strong dental care habits in your child, while also paving the way for a beautiful smile. A great smile, in turn, can help build confidence, an important thing for any child.

Unfortunately, without the right insurance coverage, frequent visits to the dentist can get expensive. Finding a no gap dentist in Runcorn—one that accepts insurance payments your private health fund and offers no gap promotions—can be vital to keep costs down for paediatric dentistry.

What You Need to Know about No Gap Coverage?

What is no gap dentistry? Essentially, when you go to the dentist—either for an appointment for yourself or your child—the check-up or procedure will cost a certain amount of money. Your health fund will normally have a pre-set benefit amount that it will pay for dental services. If the dentist bill is greater than what your health fund benefits covered, what’s left over is called a ‘gap.’

Usually, you would need to cover this gap payment yourself, out of pocket. When you find a no gap dentist in Runcorn, though, you can usually avoid out of pocket expenses. When dentists offer a no gap dental promotion, that means they have an agreement with your health fund on how to handle situations where the dental bill exceeds the benefit amount paid by the health fund. With a no gap scheme, your dentist can offer several services where you are guaranteed to avoid out of pocket expenses—at least if you have a supported health fund.

Finding a Bupa or Medibank Dentist in Runcorn That Offers No Gap Promotions

At Aperture Dental Practice, we are a Medibank and Bupa dentist in Runcorn that offers ongoing no gap promotions for certain dental services. If you have insurance coverage with Medibank, Bupa, or another private health fund—including Navy Health, Australian Unity, ADF Family Health and many others—you can get no gap check-ups and cleanings at our practice. This promotion applies to any insured patient, including children.

Out of pocket expenses can make it difficult to plan for dental care. In some cases, expensive out of pocket costs can even push patients to put off their dental check-ups or procedures. This practice isn’t advisable for anyone, but it’s especially risky when it comes to children. Paediatric dentistry is vital for ensuring long-term dental healthcare, fighting oral diseases, and laying the groundwork for a healthy and happy life.

With no gap schemes for routine check-ups and cleanings, it’s easy to get your child the dental care he or she needs at Aperture Dental Practice—always without worrying about what your bill will be at the end of the appointment. The no gap promotion does not cover other procedures, but we will be transparent and forthright with you in discussing the costs for further treatment.

If you’ve been looking for a Bupa or Medibank dentist in Runcorn that is good with kids and offers no gap promotions, look no further than Aperture Dental Practice. Call us on 07 3188 9477 to schedule a check-up or cleaning appointment for your son or daughter.