Overcome Your Anxiety about the Dentist: Aperture Dental Practice Is a Comfortable No Gap Dentist in Sunnybank that Accepts Bupa and Medibank

Are you someone who is afraid of the dentist—or at least someone who dreads going in for dental checkups? If so, you certainly aren’t alone. According to research conducted by the University of Adelaide, ‘high dental fear’ affects about one in every six adults in Australia (and about one in every ten children). The difference between kids and adults, though, is that kids have their parents to remind them about the importance of the dentist and encourage them to overcome their fears. As an adult, it’s far easier to avoid visits to the dentist, simply because no one is pushing you to go.

At Aperture Dental Practice, one of our goals has always been to help patients overcome their fears and anxieties about going to the dentist. We offer comfortable environments, friendly staff, effective distraction techniques, and other perks to help our patients stay at ease. We’re also a no gap dentist in Sunnybank, which means that we can alleviate some of the financial concerns you may have about routine dental care.

How We Make Visits to the Dentist Feel Safer and More Welcoming

We understand why many people don’t like the dentist. For kids, it’s an unfamiliar environment, filled with weird noises, strangers and experiences that range from uncomfortable to painful. For adults, the reasons for dental fear and anxiety can be even more varied. Some patients carry their dental fears from childhood into adulthood. For others, the added issue of having to worry about the financial side of things only leads to longer lapses between check-ups and cleanings.

Aperture Dental Practice dedicates itself to helping patients get passed dental anxiety—no matter the cost. For kids, we try to make visits to the dentist fun. Our practice is comfortable, clean, and modern, with a fun play area for kids, a comfortable dental chair, and a set up that makes it possible to watch movies or TV shows mid-appointment. These features help children feel more at ease and might even help prevent dental fear from ever taking root.

Adults, meanwhile, will be glad to know that we are a no gap dentist in Sunnybank, for all private health funds. If you have private health coverage from a fund like Bupa or Medibank—and your policy includes dental coverage—then you can take advantage of our no gap promotion for all check-ups and cleanings. No gap means that you won’t have to pay any out of pocket expenses for routine dental visits—even if the bill for your appointment is ultimately more than the benefits usually provided by your plan.

Visit Aperture Dental Practice for a Bupa or Medibank Dentist in Sunnybank

No gap coverage not only helps save you money on your dental care, but it also frees you from having to worry about the financial side of things for routine visits to the dentist. For many adults, this peace of mind helps encourage more regular visits to the dentist, which in turn helps them overcome any lingering dental fear they may have.

If you’ve been looking for a Medibank dentist or Bupa dentist in Sunnybank that offers no gap coverage and a comfortable, friendly environment, then you’ve found it in Aperture Dental Practice. To make an appointment, call us today on 07 3188 9477.