Aperture Dental Practice: Your Modern Family Dentist near Acacia Ridge, Algester, Eight Mile Plains, Springwood or Underwood

If you are currently searching for a new family dentist in Acacia Ridge, Algester, Eight Mile Plains, Springwood or Underwood, then look no further than Aperture Dental Practice! Between our approachable and friendly staff, our gentle dental practices, our kid-friendly amenities (including a play room and a TV on the ceiling for mid-procedure entertainment) and our state-of-the-art practices and equipment, we will make going to the dentist fun and easy for kids and adults alike!

A Family Dentist You Can Count on in Algester or Eight Mile Plains

When it comes to finding a family dentist in Algester, Underwood or Springwood, you have to do your homework to make sure that you find a business you can trust. Would you entrust your child's dental care to a dentist operating out of a visible rundown or unclean office? No. Would you schedule a dental appointment for yourself if you read online that the establishment you were considering had a reputation for uncomfortable or painful procedures? Of course not!

On the contrary, as you look for a family dentist in Eight Mile Plains or Acacia Ridge that you can truly count on, you want one with a clean and organised office, a reputation for comfortable and pain-free dental care and a friendly, passionate commitment to both you and your family. At Aperture Dental Practice, you will find all of those things and more.

Modern Practices and State-of-the-Art Equipment

Perhaps what sets us most apart from other family dentists in the Underwood or Springwood area is our drive to always stay on the cutting edge of the dental field. Technology is consistently advancing what the dental profession can do for its patients, and at Aperture, we want to bring those state-of-the-art options to you. Here are just a few of the modern practices and pieces of state-of-the-art equipment that we utilise to improve patient dental care.

  • Invisalign: An alternative to braces that has become hugely popular around the world over the past 18 years, Invisalign uses a removable, clear tray system to move and adjust teeth, rather than using permanent metal braces.
  • The Wand: The perception of going the dentist being a 'painful' experience generally comes from the application of local anaesthetic to the gums. Most anaesthesia machines prick your gums and then inject anaesthetic quickly—causing a pressure build-up that can be painful. To prevent this pain, we at Aperture Dental Practice start by applying a topical anaesthetic gel, which dampens the prick of the needle. We then use a machine called 'the Wand' to inject the anaesthetic. The Wand uses a very slow injection rate, so that the anaesthetic is already working by the time your gums have experienced a pressure build-up.
  • Digital X-Ray Machines: No more waiting for x-ray scans! Our digital machine develops your scans within a matter of seconds.
  • Intra Oral Camera: We believe that we can do our job more effectively when our patients understand what is going on in their mouth and what needs to be fixed or addressed. Our intra oral camera helps with this, giving patients a detailed look into their own mouth.
  • Superior Root Canal Technology: Using motorised endodontic drills and heated root canal fillings, we are able to provide faster, safer and more precise root canal treatments, as well as fillings that truly fill in every nook and cranny of the canal.

Hire Aperture Dental Practice today, and see what our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of dentistry can do for you! If you are interested in working with us as your family dentist in Springwood, Eight Mile Plains, Underwood, Acacia Ridge or Algester, then give us a call at 07 3188 9477. We'll set up an appointment and go from there!