Get a Dental Check-up or Cleaning with No Out of Pocket Costs; Find a Bupa, Medibank, or No Gap Dentist in Calamvale

If you get insurance from a private health fund, then you may be eligible to get your dental check-ups and cleanings on a no gap basis. Finding a no gap dentist in Calamvale means that you won’t have to pay any out of pocket costs. Instead, your health insurance will cover the full cost of your dental visit. No gap coverage saves you from having to pay steep and unpredictable dental costs, while also ensuring that you can keep up with your regular schedule of visits to the dentist.

Finding a No Gap Dentist in Calamvale

In the medical world, a ‘gap’ is the amount of money you must pay for a medical check-up or procedure on top of what your insurance covers. If you have private health insurance, there may be some situations where your policy doesn’t fully cover the procedure or check-up you need. In these cases, you can end up paying a significant amount of money out of pocket, which can be an issue—especially if you didn’t plan for it ahead of time.

As such, if you are counting on your private health insurance to cover the full extent of your dental costs, it is important to find a dentist that

  1. accepts your specific health fund, and 2
  2. has a no gap coverage agreement with that health fund.

If you are looking for a Bupa dentist or Medibank dentist in Calamvale and want to make sure you get no gap coverage, make an appointment at Aperture Dental Practice today. Our practice currently has an ongoing promotion to offer no gap payments for all dental check-ups and cleaning appointments. This promotion applies to Medibank, Bupa, and all other private health funds. If you have insurance from a private health fund and your policy includes dental coverage, then you can expect no gap payments at our practice.

What about Other Dental Procedures?

One of the questions we hear most frequently at Aperture Dental Practice comes from patients curious about the extent of our no gap coverage. These patients come to us seeking a Medibank or Bupa dentist in Calamvale. Once they find out that we accept payments from all health funds—and no gap payments at that—they want to know about no gap coverage for more complex dental procedures like root canal treatments, fillings, extractions, crowns and more.

Our dental practice does offer these treatments, but please not that our no gap promotion does not apply to anything beyond routine check-ups and cleanings. For other procedures, your health fund will likely cover some but not all your dental expenses. To find out more about the cost of each procedure, speak to one of our dentists.

Still, no gap coverage for routine check-ups and cleanings will help you stay on top of your dental care without putting yourself in a difficult financial decision. If you’ve been looking for a Bupa dentist, a Medibank dentist, or a no gap dentist in Calamvale, get started with Aperture Dental Practice by calling us today on 07 3188 9477.