At Aperture Dental we want to make sure that your child’s experience is a positive one. With care and patience at the forefront of our minds, we are confident your little one will be looking forward to seeing our kids dentist for their yearly checkup! 

Our priority is to treat less and educate more. From the first tooth pushing through it is important to set our youngest patients up for the best mouth health as possible. With the help of the government funding under the Child Dental Benefit Schedule we may even be able to bulk bill your child’s appointment. Maintaining good oral hygiene has never been easier with the help of our highly qualified kids dentists. 


Treating adolescent oral health is so crucial to set someone up for long-term dental health. How a child treats their teeth in the first few years can change the way their adult teeth develop. Without the right dental care for children and education, they may show early signs of decay potential causing issues with the crowding of their adult teeth.

Dentist in Sunnybank Hills

Dr. Erik

Dr Erik is caring, enthusiastic, easily approachable and always ready for a challenge. He is also very tech savvy, which makes him up to date with best dental methods for treating little kids! Being a father himself, he offers a level of care and sensitivity that easily puts children at ease. It is his passion to make a visit to the dentist fun for kids, and not a punishment. 


Regular Check-Up

We make their dental check-up fun, so we can maintain their great teeth health! We want your children to look forward to their dental visit so we can positively reinforce good behaviour.

Regular Brushing

It is recommended that children should brush their teeth morning and at night just before bed. Brush for 2 minutes inside, outside, and bite side.

Eat Sweets As Treats

Eating lots of sweet foods throughout the day can make a child’s teeth decay. A good time to enjoy sweet things is just after dinner but before brushing your teeth.

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