Aperture Dental has the technology to provide you with crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays within a day!

Same Day Crowns Sunnybank Hills

Have you been told that you need a crown?

Crowns are recommended in a few situations to strengthen the tooth:

  1. Large fillings
  2. After Root canal treatment
  3. If a tooth starts to break apart
  4. Cosmetic reasons
Same Day dental crown Sunnybank Hills

What is a crown?

A crown, or a cap, is a lab-made prosthesis that fits over the tooth to strengthen the tooth and prevent it from breaking apart.  

Traditionally, a crown is made from a gold alloy, or from metal fused to porcelain (PFM). 

Newer all-porcelain materials have been developed to withstand the forces of chewing. Some examples of these materials are Zirconia, Emax, etc. They are very strong and they have excellent colour-matching properties.

What is the traditional process to get a crown made?

Crowns (and most prostheses) were traditionally made by a dental technician in a dental lab. This produces the long lasting and high quality crowns that we have come to know. 

This process typically involves:

  • Taking several impressions of your teeth, which can be messy, uncomfortable and causes gagging in some people
  • Making a temporary crown
  • Sending the impression to the lab
  • Pouring up some models
  • Fabricating the permanent crown by the technician
  • Sending the permanent crown from the lab back to the dental practice
  • Finally, getting you back in at another appointment to have the crown cemented/fitted for you
  • Any adjustments will require communication back and forth with the lab

The typical timeframe for this is 2-3 weeks before the final fitting of the crown.

What technology do we use now?

Digital intraoral scanner

At Aperture Dental, we can now take digital impressions of your teeth using a digital intraoral scanner.

What is it?

The Digital intraoral scanner takes the place of the traditional messy impressions. With an intraoral scanner, we can now replicate your teeth into a digital model in a matter of minutes, much more accurately than before.

How does it work?

The intraoral scanner takes about 1000 pictures per second of each area. And while sweeping it across the teeth, these pictures are stitched together to create a 3D model of your teeth and jaws.

What are its benefits?

This means no more gagging, bad taste, and stains on your face, and accidental spills outside the mouth!

Also, with increased accuracy and digital planning, alterations can be made immediately to ensure the best crown fit for you.

If external labs are required, we can send the digital impressions to anywhere in the world with the click of a button, reducing time wasted on postage.


Carestream 3600 Interoral Scanner Sunnybank Hills
Same Day Crown Sunnybank Hills

In-House Milling Machine

With your digital impressions, your crown will be designed using the latest CAD/CAM software technology.

Once the crown is designed, it can be created (milled) right away, on the spot!

Your crown can then be fitted, usually within the hour.

This means an accurately designed crown created within the hour!

Why is this so exciting?

Messy impressionsClean Digital 3D Scanning
Postage to labsNo postage - saving time and no risk of getting lost in the post
Potentially inaccurate with multiple impressionsHigh accuracy, able to make immediate corrections
Plaster moulds3D printing
Made by a lab technician at another locationIn-house milling
2-3 weeks waitSame day fabrication and cementation
Several visitsSingle visit

Same-Day Crowns Sunnybank Hills

So if you’ve been told by your dentist that you need a crown, but have been putting it off because of the discomfort, time or cost, give us a ring on 07 3188 9477 to make consult to see if Same-Day Crowns are suitable for you!

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