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We, at Aperture Dental, believe that the earlier our children understand the importance of their oral health, the more likely they are to be more confident about their teeth and life in the future.

We hear so many stories of how our adult clients are so afraid of coming to the dentist - mainly because of a previous bad experience at the dentist when they were younger.

Our hope with this program is that our children will not need to experience this, making visiting the dentist something they enjoy, and even look forward to!

The topics that will be discussed are:

  • the importance of toothbrushing

  • healthy vs sugary foods

  • visiting the dentist regularly

  • our very own tooth fairy

  • singing some songs

If you are a ChildCare around the area interested in this program, please fill in the form attached, and we will be in touch soon.

If you think your child's Childcare might benefit from this Dental Education, please forward this form over to them, so we can contact them as well.

If you are a parent seeking advice for your child, please call us on 07 3188 9477, and will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Thank you!

Aperture Dental Practice


As part of our commitment to help our community, the Childcare Dental Education program also supports the Act For Kids charity.

Act For Kids supports children, young people and families affected by child abuse across the whole spectrum of child protection - from community education programs to tertiary services.

Since we provide the Childcare Dental Education program as a free service, we only ask that you could support Act For Kids in return.

YOUR small act of giving can help a child have a better future.

Find out more about Act For Kids here: