Emergency Dentist in Sunnybank Hills with the Latest Technology

When you experience pain in your teeth, you need to see a dentist right away to get it fixed. You may also require an emergency dentist in Sunnybank Hills after your teeth crack or break due to an accident. Just because you need the service performed right away does not mean you need to settle for a practice still using old and out of date technology. With Aperture Dental Practice, you can see an emergency dentist in Sunnybank Hills that utilises the latest technology. The practice has up to date tools and equipment, including comfortable and modern dental chairs. They also have televisions in the ceiling so that patients can watch something during the procedures.

In addition to equipment that creates a comfortable environment, they also use the latest dental tools to reduce the time, discomfort, and pain associated with procedures, especially invasive ones such as root canals. They use the Wand, a new device that injects the anaesthetic with less pain. They also have tools for root canals that make the procedure safer, including a motorised endodontic drill and heated root canal filling. For assessment, they use digital X-rays, which can be developed instantaneously, and intra oral cameras so that patients can see what the doctors see. They also have early morning and late evening appointments on certain days, making it easier to schedule your appointment. They provide the same level of care for all their patients, including those who need an emergency dentist in Sunnybank Hills.