A Brief Guide to the Different Types of Dentures in Sunnybank

Even if you make every effort to take care of your teeth, you may experience dental problems as time progresses, especially as you head towards your senior years. Most of us brush and floss our teeth twice daily, maintain a balanced diet, and avoid foods and drinks that help harmful bacteria breed in our mouths, but almost everybody requires dental treatment multiple times in their lives. If you have a few missing teeth, you might want to consider visiting the professionals for dentures in Sunnybank. However, you need to decide which type of dentures is best for you.

If almost all your natural teeth are missing, you'll likely need complete dentures in Sunnybank, though full dentures are also appropriate for those with few natural teeth left as your dentist can combine them with your existing teeth. If you just have a few teeth missing, partial dentures are probably more suitable, but you'll have to choose between fixed and removable dentures. It's best to have a discussion with a professional dentist to decide which type of dentures in Sunnybank will work best for you. However, as you might understandably feel nervous visiting a dental practice, it’s wise to find a professional who can make you feel at ease.

At Aperture Dental Practice, we know how to calm your nerves and make you feel confident in our treatments, and thanks to a wealth of experience and a genuine sense of care for our patients, we're in the perfect position to advise the best type of dentures for your needs today. Contact us today if you want to feel proud of your smile once again.