Make your dental
health a priority
in 2024

Discover why your dental check-up and clean is the foundation to good dental and general health!

Make your dental
health a priority
in 2024

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What's included

All bases are covered comprehensively!

This is a great opportunity to get your oral health on track!

Better Than Cure

It is our unshakeable believe that Prevention is Better Than Cure. This is why our 6 monthly dental check-up and clean is the heart of our service to you.

As part of our prevention program, we closely monitor your teeth, gums, bone, jaw joint and muscles, and all the soft tissue in your mouth. We also routinely check for signs of oral cancer. In children, we watch for teeth and jaw development issues and signs of sleep disordered breathing,

X-rays are taken every 2 years to keep a close eye on your teeth and bones.

Intraoral photos and 3D digital scans are also regularly taken to help identify changes and issues early, as well as to give you a clear view on what is going on in your mouth.

What are we fighting?

Professional teeth cleaning removes harmful bacteria rich plaque (called biofilm).

If left untreated, the bacteria in oral biofilm will cause damage to teeth, gums, and surrounding bones.

The bacteria can also find its way deeper into the body and lead to serious health conditions over time, such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

Problems that can be avoided or attended to early:

Treat it before it causes pain!

Manage this before the consequences get more serious: loose teeth, sensitivity with eating and drinking, missing teeth, infections, pain.

No questions about this: Early detection improves prognosis and outcomes.

This can be related to underlying health conditions or sleep disordered breathing. It is important to identify and manage the issues.

Wellness Scan

Digital intraoral scans done at regular intervals help us to keep track of changes to your teeth and gums, diagnose problems early so it can be treated early.

You also get to see exactly what your dentist is seeing!

If you need orthodontic treatment, dental crowns, veneers, bridges or implants, there is no need for messy impressions anymore!

Making It Easier


We bulk-bill dental treatment for children where eligible for Child Dental Benefit Schedule, so no out of pocket costs for you!


We have interest-free payment plan options to help make your dental care more accessible!

Looking After You

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