Keep your teeth clean!

Oral hygiene is very important to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Scaling and polishing is the professional cleaning done by a dentist or hygienist. It is an important part of your regular six monthly hygiene appointments (“check and clean”).

What is Scaling?

Scaling removes calculus that has accumulated on your teeth. Calculus sticks to teeth and is not readily removed by brushing your teeth. It can also accumulate under the gums, which is beyond the reach of your regular toothbrush.

We use an ultrasonic scaler to remove calculus during your cleaning session. Hand scalers can also be used to remove calculus in harder to reach places.

If you have not had scaling done in a long time, you may experience some temporary increased teeth sensitivity after scaling. We advice using sensitive toothpaste until it settles down.

Scaling Your Teeth


The Benefits of Dental Scaling:

  1. Helps to prevent gum disease, or slow down its progression
  2. Helps to eliminate bad breath
  3. Supports cardiovascular health – A number of studies have shown that poor oral health increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Oral diseases such as gum disease has a negative impact on your cardiovascular health.

Polishing Your Teeth

What is Teeth Polishing?

Polishing removes plaque and some stains. A polishing paste is used together a polishing brush or rubber cup.

The Benefits of Teeth Polishing:

  1. Prevents cavities
  2. Stop or slow down tooth loss
  3. Helps eliminate bad breath
  4. Helps brighten your smile by removing some stains
  5. Scaling and Polish

Scaling and Polish Sunnybank Hills

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