Healthy Holiday Treats!

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Christmas trees and decorations are starting to appear around shopping centres 🎄 Looking at the calendar, you realise that there are just a few weeks of school left before the…

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Watch Out for Added Sugars!

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Understanding SugarSugar is a type of carbohydrate your body uses for energy. There are two main types of sugars – natural sugars and added sugars. Natural sugars are found in…

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It’s all about EXPOSURE

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Yes, it’s all about EXPOSURE. In photography, the exposure determines how bright or dark your image/photo is. This is dependent on the AMOUNT of light available, and the length of…

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Dealing with Dental Anxiety

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Dental anxiety is more complex than simply having unpleasant feelings when it comes to visiting the dentist. For many, the anxiety can be crippling and they could avoid going to…

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