When do our kids teeth fall out, and grow into place?

when do our kids teeth fall out, and grow into place

Here at the Aperture Dental, few of the most asked questions about kids' teeth are:

  • when do the baby teeth come through,
  • when do the baby teeth fall out, and
  • when do the adult teeth grow into position.

Well, here's a great detailed chart attached below to help give you an idea of when these times are.

It is to be expected that different children will have different shedding and eruption times for their baby and adult teeth, so it is important that they get their teeth checked regularly (every 6 months). This is to ensure that no problems are happening, for example - missing teeth, crowding of the teeth, holes in the teeth, or even EXTRA teeth (!).

I guess this chart helps the 'Tooth Fairy' prepare as well...

Primary Dentition (Baby Teeth) Chart

primary dentition (baby teeth) chart

Secondary Dentition (Adult Teeth) Chart

second dentition (adult teeth) chart