After your extraction/surgery, please follow these instructions carefully to prevent any complications.

  1. Take it easy for the rest of the day. Don’t do any heavy lifting or vigorous exercise/sports, as it can cause further bleeding.
  2. The numbness should dissipate in about 3-4 hours. While it is numb, be careful not to eat anything as you might bite into your lips, cheeks or tongue. Also, try to avoid hot drinks, as you may burn yourself.
  3. After the anaesthetic wears off, the surgical site will be sore. If you need it, get some pain killers.
  4. The bleeding will stop in about 10 minutes. If the bleeding starts again later, roll up the extra gauze and bite on it constantly for about 20 minutes. The pressure will stop the bleeding.
  5. Do not smoke or consume alcohol for at least 48 hours. This may cause an infection in the socket which will be more painful than a toothache..
  6. Leave the surgical site alone. Try not to prod or poke it with your tongue. Also, try to eat on the other side for the next few days and avoid eating grainy or chewy foods.
  7. Start salt water rinses the next day after the surgery for the next 5 days. Do this after every meal. Don’t do any vigorous rinsing today, but you may clean your teeth as normal.
  8. If stitches were placed, they should resorb in 2-3 weeks unless specified.
  9. If antibiotics or pain killers were prescribed, take them according to the right dosage and frequency.

A slight trickle of blood is normal after the procedure, but if heavy bleeding persists after 20 minutes of constant pressure, contact us immediately on 07 3188 9477.

Over the next few days, if you feel that the pain is getting worse or notice a swelling in the surgical area, this may mean an infection has developed. Contact us immediately on 07 3188 9477.


Other than the wisdom teeth, all your other teeth play an important role in maintaining the balance of your chewing, eating, speaking and smiling. We highly suggest that you consider replacing the missing tooth sooner than later to avoid causing further problems for the surrounding teeth and bones, jaw joints and jaw muscles in the future.

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