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Happy World Sleep Day! Many of us would love to celebrate this day by sleeping all day!  But, alas, the demands of our daily life requires us to leap, climb,…

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Be A Smart Easter Eater!

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Aperture Dental Practice would like to wish all our clients a Happy Easter! 🐰As the Easter Bunny brings us a whole lot of delectable sweet treats (including miniature chocolate statues…

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Oral Cancer – Detection and Prevention

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Oral cancer constitutes about 6.5% of all cancers in Australia. Early detection of cancer always has a better prognosis in terms of its treatment outcome. At Aperture Dental, we always…

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Healthy Holiday Treats!

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Looking at the calendar, you realise that there are just a few weeks of 2020 remaining and summer's here already... The silly season is truly upon us as we all…

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Watch Out for Added Sugars!

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Understanding SugarSugar is a type of carbohydrate your body uses for energy. There are two main types of sugars – natural sugars and added sugars. Natural sugars are found in…

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It’s all about EXPOSURE

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Yes, it’s all about EXPOSURE. In photography, the exposure determines how bright or dark your image/photo is. This is dependent on the AMOUNT of light available, and the length of…

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