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Does the Dental Wand Hurt?

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What are the benefits of the dental wand… Does it really hurt?

Dental phobia is a recognised mental health disorder and affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterised by an immense and irrational fear of anything regarding dentistry and prevents people from visiting their dentist, even if they are suffering from a dental issue.

Triggers for dental phobia and dental anxiety (which is not as intense as dental phobia but still causes fear and stress) includes drills, dental tools, dental settings, injections, fear of pain, etc. Many patients cite a fear of dental injections as cause for their concern and the reason why they avoid going to the dentist.

The great news for these patients is that with all the great technological advancements made in the dental field, there are now many tools and practices available which offer practically painless treatment.

What is the Dental Wand?

If you suffer from dental anxiety and need to go in for a specific dental procedure and treatment, your dentist may recommend using the dental wand.

Many dental treatments require your dentist to numb your mouth or the area where they will be working (e.g. doing a filling, removing cavities, pulling a tooth, etc.) by injecting anaesthetic into the gum or your inner cheek. This can be a little painful but is terrifying to patients who suffer from dental anxiety or a fear of needles, especially if more than one injection is required.

Enter the dental wand! This nifty device is an anaesthetic delivery system designed to deliver anaesthetic at a slow and manageable pace. In many cases, pain is felt due to the pressure of the anaesthetic (when their dentist administers the anaesthetic too quickly or too slowly, or uses too much or too little). However, with the wand, the computer is programmed to precisely control the amount of anaesthetic administered, so you will be getting exactly how much you need at a steady and comfortable pace.

Does the Dental Wand Hurt?

The wand itself looks a like a pen and contains a thin needle at the end. Once the machine has been started, a tiny drop of anaesthetic is placed onto the area where the wand will be used. This effectively numbs the area and allows for a much easier and less painful delivery of the remaining anaesthetic.

As it flows through the wand, the computer adjusts and produces the ideal amount of anaesthetic for the patient and procedure, allowing for quick and easy absorption. The wand and its system controls the amount of pressure produced by the anaesthetic and allows for a smoother and more comfortable process. The wand can also be used to numb just a particular area instead of causing your entire face to become numb, which is useful for single-tooth extraction.

Many patients and dentists have reported that the dental wand is a relatively painless way to receive their anaesthetic shots and were very happy with the results. The wand makes dental treatments and procedures easier, less painful (if any is felt at all), and more comfortable for the patient. This allows the dentist to work quickly and without interruptions making the entire procedure a more pleasant one.

The dental wand is a great tool for eliminating the pain and discomfort associated with dental injections and will make a nervous patient’s appointment much easier and comfortable. This will also help ease the patient’s worries and make future visits easier. Nervous patients or those afraid of shots, will feel more at ease and will make regular dental visits, helping to maintain their oral and dental health.

If you would like to learn more about this innovative dental tool and how it can help with your dental anxiety and fear of injections, then book an appointment with our team by calling 07 3188 9477.