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Extra Sugar Please

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I was out today with some friends and we decided to get a drink. We stumbled upon a ‘Bubble Tea’ shop close by. I’ve been to these shops before, but my friend highlighted the ‘SUGAR’ part of the menu.

To order, you first decide on the drink flavour, then any additional ingredients (jelly, tapioca pearls, etc…), then, choose the amount of sugar you want to add to the drink. Look at this part of the menu: Cold Drinks Only

Not only do you have ‘normal’ sugar, you get the ‘EXTRA’ sugar option too! I wonder how much ‘extra’ sugar they put in…But most importantly, I wonder if anyone ever orders the “extra” sugar option. Of course, my advice is to avoid the ‘extra’ sugar option as much as you can (not only for the survival of your teeth, but for health reasons as well).

Take home message:

  1. Never be tempted to have ‘extra’ sugar in anything!
  2. Limit your sugar foods intake to meal times only (avoid snacking with sugary foods)
  3. Drink more water (even better if you can do this directly after every sugary food intake) – avoid fizzy drinks and juices
  4. Use a fluoride toothpaste and brush your teeth 2x a day
  5. Chew sugar free chewing gum